Is Grated Parmesan Good After the Expiration Date?

Do you have a favorite cheese you like to put on a sandwich, but it always seems to go bad before you finish the piece?

Or maybe you love parmesan cheese but it turns a strange brown color before you can use it up.

If that’s you, you might want to check the expiration date of your cheese, because it might be expired before you know it.

That’s what one company is trying to find out. According to NBC, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese that is at least 15 years old is usually safe to eat.

But because the cheese is often stored in cellars where oxygen and light can accumulate, they’re running a pilot project that will test cheese to see if they can determine the age of cheese based on the way it is stored.

The study is being done by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (IFAO), in the town of Parma, Italy.

The cheese will be stored in glass jars with tightly-fitting lids, according to the report.

Parmigiano Reggiano is known as one of the world’s best cheeses and has been made in the region of Parma since the 1600s.

All of the cheese will be stored in a temperature-controlled environment in glass jars and will be tested for different characteristics of the cheese.

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