How Long Do Ground Coffee Beans Last?

If you’re a coffee fiend who prefers your brew black and strong, you know the sheer joy of opening your favorite bag of grounds and feeling its coffee fresh and unique.

If you’re a serious coffee consumer, you’ve probably tried grinding coffee in your own kitchen, or at least have a home espresso maker.

Though most brands of ground coffee tend to be relatively consistent, some brands can vary widely. Here’s how long coffee grounds last after you ground them.

For most coffee bean varieties, the time it takes for the grounds to fully drain after you’ve ground them varies.

Green coffee tends to drain fairly quickly, lasting about 15 minutes after you’ve opened the bag, while dark roasted coffee grounds might not completely drain for hours.

If you’ve read any general tips on the best way to grind your coffee, you probably know that a hand grinder with heavy duty metal blades is probably your best bet.

If you don’t have access to a machine, it might be worth mixing a little bit of paper coffee filters in with your grounds and then going to town on it with a grinder.

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