Fishermans Eggs

Fisherman’s eggs is my kind of brunch.

It’s healthy, quick and stuffed with enough protein that you won’t need to eat again for a few hours.

And it’s also very timely given that Easter is just around the corner…seriously, where is this year going?! It seems like once you hit your late twenties, every year disappears into a wormhole until you wake up one morning and you’re 65.

(hopefully a rockin’ 65 if you’ve been eating your fisherman’s eggs)

So what are y’all up to for the Easter weekend? Hubs and I are planning on forking over some cash to our local resort for the privilege of hanging out by their pool all day and taking advantage of their pool bar.

If there’s one thing I cannot resist in this life it is a pool bar – it’s a bar in the water! What’s not to like?!

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