Can You Freeze Grated Parmesan Cheese?

A couple of days ago, you made dinner, then pulled out some leftover Parmesan cheese from the fridge.

It’s cold, and you need to get it out of there.

What do you do? What if it’s under-oiled, or just not working out?

Honestly, we can’t tell you. So, we turned to the experts: some cheeseheads who have probably also suffered through your horrible concoctions.

They’ve put a lot of thoughts and feelings into answers, but they’re pretty definitive. No matter what your choice, there’s really no reason to cut the cheese.

Here’s how to safely freeze grated Parmesan cheese.

Whether it’s over-oiled, under-oiled, or unmelted, we’ve gathered the best tips from the experts and put them in one place.

The safe way to reheat grated Parmesan.

On Twitter, an irate person asked if the perfect cheese-maker would slice freshly grated Parmesan or stick it in the fridge to reheat, then put it back in the freezer.

The responses were everything you’d expect, with many answers hinting that it is not, in fact, a good idea.

“I will take it out of the grater and the plastic wrapper and put it on a plate with paper towel under it,” advises Reddit user @gratedparm.

“Set on the back of the stove and let the cheese thaw in the air.

Then use a spatula to spread evenly across the plate.”

Another says that “keep it in the fridge. Put it on a plate to cut.”

But they also say, “Don’t cut through the cheese, just put it on the plate and cut the little thin slits.”

And one more, this time from Pillsbury’s community: “Yes! I freeze my cheese before I cut it because I want to grate it fresh later.

Then when it’s frozen, I just melt it, dump it on a plate, and put it in the freezer.

Then I just melt the plate back down, and serve.” And the same person adds, “If you do not have cheese that’s under-oiled, it is perfectly safe to freeze it (if you put a paper towel on the plate it won’t melt) and use the melted cheese to make mac and cheese, baked potatoes, etc.”

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