Can You Freeze Bean Sprouts?

You can freeze bean sprouts whole, but if you want to save them for an especially delicious stir-fry or sesame-cured salmon (both recipes in this post!), chop them into smaller chunks first.

Keep the pieces whole, slice them into smaller pieces, or toss them in a rice cooker with the sprouts or beans, water, and seasonings.

Don’t skip the salt.

For a simple, super-simple, but incredibly satisfying dish, you can’t go wrong with tossing some sprouts with some sauteed white mushrooms and thinly sliced onion.

A few sprouts are all you need.

What to Use Bean Sprouts for

Beans sprouts are a super versatile ingredient that pair well with a variety of foods.

They add tons of crunchy flavor to salads and toppings, such as veggies.

They also add crunchy texture and a peppery bite to your stir-fries.

Try fresh or frozen bean sprouts in this Mexican-inspired soup, featuring healthy flavors such as ginger, cilantro, and lime. Plus, you’ll be getting a dose of veggies!

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