Can You Freeze Banana Peppers?

These brilliant little fruits are jam-packed with flavor—from the taste of red bell pepper, to the smoke of green pepper, and the sweetness of banana.

That makes them a great addition to anything you put them in, but they also go great on sandwiches, pizza, and you can even make a snack-sized salad out of them, with a mix of arugula, spinach, red onion, and green pepper.

There are even recipes for fresh and savory ice creams made with them.

Of course, you can always add them to smoothies, too—just substitute the red pepper for another kind of bell pepper.

Just know that not all bananas are sweet, and if you’re using one with a bunch of brown spots on it, it won’t be very sweet.

Banana peppers are so versatile that you can certainly freeze them when you have extra, or use them as a substitute for raw bell pepper in recipes.

But they’re actually super sweet, so if you don’t want to use raw, frozen peppers, then you’ll have to cut back on the sugar in your recipes—or, you could always puree the green banana pepper in your food processor, or even zester it, if you want to speed up the process.

(Or make your own raw-but-incredibly-juicy raw banana pepper puree, if you don’t mind all the extra step of getting it to thaw first.)

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